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Almunia del Valle
 Boutique Hotel

Property and Outdoors

The property (with a total of 13,000 m2) is located in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park and includes cultivated areas (olive trees, almond trees, and fruit trees), and a wild land (holm oaks, esparto grass, and herbs) that covers the hill where the building rises and protects it from the light pollution coming from the urban centers.

La Almunia del Valle, is committed to the environment so the largest possible area for gardens has benn found. The hotel is trying to avoid soft and short grass as this consumes large volumes of water and means that weeds have to be removed. It also means that fertilizer and herbicides which produce soil and water contamination have to be used. as an alternative the hotel's policy is to try and create large areas of Spanish grass. Strawberry tree, broom, jazmine, vines, ivy, myrtle and other aromatic plants; rosemary, sage, lavender, mint, thyme, etc., wich are resistant to disease and their for water is minimal.

Whenever possible the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides will be avoided. These contain toxic products and biodegrade very slowly.

The strategic location of the swimming-pool allows the guest to relax while enjoying the landscape. Don’t miss the amazing experience of watching the stars during a summer or spring night on the terraces. The facilities and all the services provided within them, including the dining service, are for guests only.

 Boutique Hotel
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 Boutique Hotel

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La Almunia del Valle
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La Almunia del Valle
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La Almunia del Valle
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1A. From Malaga airport take A92 to Granada, 7 miles before arriving to Granada, exit Santa Fe-Granada towards Granada-Sierra Nevada beltway.

1B. From Granada airport take the BELTWAY.
2. From the beltway take EXIT NBR 132: Ronda Sur - Alhambra – Sierra Nevada.
3. At Ronda Sur, take the EXIT NBR 2: Monachil, A4028 road, which continues on GR3202.

4. Follow the signs to MONACHIL CASCO ANTIGUO (town), GR3202 road, you will pass by a residential area (Barrio de Monachil), pay attention and don't leave the road, there is a sharp curve to the left that leads to confusion, don't go right, that is the Barrio. You will arrive to the town at km 5,200 of this road.
5. Upon arrival to the town, Monachil Casco Antiguo, follow the signs to La Almunia del Valle, you have to go to your right at the end of the town; the river goes to your left. We are less than 1 mile away from the town in CAMINO DE LA UMBRIA. Warning: it’s a narrow mountain road (it’s asphalted, not a dirt road.) At the access there are wooden signs indicating La Almunia del Valle.

GPS COORDINATES: 3º  32'  0004''           WEST - 37º  7'  3386'' NORTH

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