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Almunia del Valle
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Route of the Caliphate: From Cordoba to Granada.
Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe
Route of the Caliphate uniting the two most important centers of the Arab period in Spain: Cordoba and Granada, the Guadalquivir River valley and the plain of Granada.
This route is an adventure of the spirit of Cordoba to Granada, two twists of history, two unrepeatable moments, two golden ages. Between the two poles swings the great cultural heritage, religious, political and social which saw the Muslims stay in the Peninsula. Córdoba, the height, the blinding light that made the others pale in Western cities. Granada, refining terminal mannerism of an entire civilization put in check.

 The route passes through the Parque Natural de las Sierras Subbéticas with peaceful villages, and later by other mountainous areas, such as the Sierra Moclín, the Sierra Elvira, and the Sierra de Huétor the edge of the plain of Granada.
In addition to the landscape and its monuments, outstanding cuisine and local crafts.
Route of the Caliphate can be supplemented with excursions to the Sierra Nevada or the villages of the Alpujarra.

From Cordoba can follow two routes. The southern route passes through Aguilar de la Frontera and Priego de Cordoba, while the northern route passes through mirror and Baena. Cross in Alcalá la Real and since it follows directly from the N 432 or passed through the villages of the plain of Granada towards Granada.

The route crosses several natural compounds from the Guadalquivir valley and plain of Granada. Among other things are grown cereals, wine and olive oil. The traveler goes some high points (of approx. 1,000 meters) down to Granada, situated at the foot of the high Sierra Nevada mountains.
People running through the Route of the Caliphate, Cordoba, Espejo, Castro del Río, Baena, Zuheros, Luque Alcaudete Locubín Castle, Ferna'n Children, Montemayor Montilla, Aguilar de la Frontera, Lucena, Cabra, Carcabuey, Priego de Córdoba Alcala la Real, Moclín Colomera, cuffs Puente, Guevejar, Cogollos Vega, Alfacar, Viznar, Granada

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La Almunia del Valle
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La Almunia del Valle
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La Almunia del Valle
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1A. From Malaga airport take A92 to Granada, 7 miles before arriving to Granada, exit Santa Fe-Granada towards Granada-Sierra Nevada beltway.

1B. From Granada airport take the BELTWAY.
2. From the beltway take EXIT NBR 132: Ronda Sur - Alhambra – Sierra Nevada.
3. At Ronda Sur, take the EXIT NBR 2: Monachil, A4028 road, which continues on GR3202.

4. Follow the signs to MONACHIL CASCO ANTIGUO (town), GR3202 road, you will pass by a residential area (Barrio de Monachil), pay attention and don't leave the road, there is a sharp curve to the left that leads to confusion, don't go right, that is the Barrio. You will arrive to the town at km 5,200 of this road.
5. Upon arrival to the town, Monachil Casco Antiguo, follow the signs to La Almunia del Valle, you have to go to your right at the end of the town; the river goes to your left. We are less than 1 mile away from the town in CAMINO DE LA UMBRIA. Warning: it’s a narrow mountain road (it’s asphalted, not a dirt road.) At the access there are wooden signs indicating La Almunia del Valle.

GPS COORDINATES: 3º  32'  0004''           WEST - 37º  7'  3386'' NORTH

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